Martesana Milano _ Collezione dolci Autunno-Inverno 19-20

New Fall/Winter 19/20 Collection

Today in Martesana Milan we previewed the Fall/Winter 19/20 Collection of our latest creations.

Two intriguing new cakes: Morena, with baked cream and raspberry; Maracaibo, a contrast between the acidity of mandarin confit and the sweetness of mango mousse. News also for chocolate lovers. CioccoWOW tablets in 4 flavors: matcha tea and ginger; peanuts; hazelnuts; almonds and cinnamon. And for those who love savory pastry? Arlecchino sandwich, a very soft sandwich consisting of 3 small side-by-side bread loafs, each one with its own stuffing.

Discover them all in the shops!

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