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Martesana Milano is an artisanal pâtisserie business founded back in 1966, when the waters of all the canals in Milan still flowed under the open skies. Since then, it has always been run following just a few, but essential, principles: the quest for taste, creativity and beauty.

Thanks to it’s long history and experience, built on the production of sweet baked products, all strictly handmade with time and passion.

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Pâtisserie Martesana Milano, managed by Vincenzo Santoro, has become a point of reference in Milan and in Italy, confirming its reputation as one of the very best bakeries in Italy and worldwide:

Runner up in the International Sugar Contest The Star of Sugar – Sigep, Rimini 2015
Gambero Rosso’s highest “three cakes” award, 2014
Winner of the Word Chocolate Masters – Paris 2013
Winner of the Italian Chocolate Masters – Sigep, Rimini 2013
Runners up in the Pastry World Cup – Lyon 2011

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Baked Products

Martesana Milano sells top quality fresh products with an approach that aims to be attractive and creative.
The pâtisserie makes a wide range of products which will make your mouth water at a glance offering you an ample selection from which to choose.

Torta Divina Pasticceria Martesana Milano

torta tiramisù Pasticceria Martesana Milano

Pasticceria Martesana Milano - Biscotti senza burro