50 years of Martesana Milano: the 50th anniversary celebrated with 5 historic cakes

The great adventure of Martesana Milano started in 1966, when Vincenzo Santoro had the idea of opening a small pastry shop in Milan during Italian economic boom. The following year, in 1967, Vincenzo opened his pastry shop in Cagliero street: this was the beginning of a journey that led us to be – 50 years after – a national and international pastry point of reference.

How else could we celebrate this important milestone if not tempting our customers with delicacies? For the 50 years of our pastry shop, we will create 5 cakes that symbolize the 5 decades of Martesana Milano, to be combined with a precious tin packaging.

The first cake is the marron glacé Spaghettata.

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